Mastering the Art: A Guide to Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV

In the big and mythical landscapes of Final Fantasy XIV, gamers go on epic tasks, battle powerful forces, and discover thrilling stories. Yet between the huge battle and discovery, lies another world of skill and abilities: crafting. Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV isn't just a small skill; it's a fully-fledged job that needs skills, time, and a detailed eye for the little things.

Whether you're a skilled gamer or a newbie, going into the world of crafting can be both hard and thrilling. From crafting powerful tools to making detailed clothes, the skills are as large as Eorzea. If you think you are not capable, you can also look at FFXIV Boost. But fear not, for in this guide, we will navigate the detailed art of crafting, unveiling its secrets and inspiring you to become a true master.

Join us as we go on a thrilling journey through the lands of fusion and creativity, where every tool strike and stitch carries the power of history. From the joyous markets of Ul'dah to the peaceful workshops of Gridania, let us dive deeper into the middle of craftsmanship and discover the infinite power that lies there. Welcome to this « Mastering the Art: A Guide to Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. »

Why bother with crafting?

It's a topic that often comes up, especially among newbies exploring the mystical landscapes of Eorzea. In the early parts of the game, the storyline freely gives players valuables post-tasks, checking that gamers rarely find that they need more fully skilled tools.

Moreover, the primary quest line doesn't necessitate delving into the intricacies of crafting, rendering it more of an optional pursuit. Put simply, for those solely focused on the narrative journey, crafting may seem trivial.

However, the allure of crafting extends far beyond the confines of the storyline. As players progress, certain dungeons unveil specific item-level requirements, demanding not just a high job level, but high-level gear. These coveted items can be procured through rare drops or currencies obtained from arduous dungeon runs, a process often entailing substantial grinding and a dash of luck.

Yet, armed with crafting expertise, players can expedite the acquisition of such gear with nothing more than ordinary Gil, Final Fantasy XIV‘s standard currency.

But the rewards of Final Fantasy XIV's crafting ecosystem aren't confined to the realm of combat readiness. Seasoned artisans can harness their skills to craft lucrative wares, from impressive gear to sought-after materials, fetching handsome profits in the bustling marketplace.

While peddling to NPCs may yield meager returns, the Market Board, where players trade among themselves, holds the promise of considerable wealth. Moreover, delving into the crafting domain grants access to indispensable functionalities such as item repair, material melding and extraction, and synthesis, bolstering players' arsenal of abilities.

Acquiring Each Job

To unlock the full spectrum of crafting potential, aspiring artisans must align themselves with one of the specialized jobs catering to their desired craft. Each job boasts an extensive crafting log, offering a diverse array of items waiting to be brought to life. Transitioning to your chosen craft requires initiation through quests at the respective guild, scattered across Eorzea's main city-states.

Limsa Lominsa runs the Armorer's Guild, Blacksmith's Guild, and Culinarian's Guild, giving a wide range of crafting lines for enthusiastic gamers. Meanwhile, in the lively lands of Ul'dah, the Alchemist's Guild, Goldsmith's Guild, and Weaver's Guild lay as centers of skills, with talented artisans with signs of abilities. Hidden in the peaceful jungles of Old and New Gridania lie the Carpenter's Guild and Leatherworker's Guild, where the talks of nature merge with the voice of creativity.

Start your thrilling journey into the landscapes of crafting, where every turn, every hammer strike, has the hopes of skills and fame. Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV's Crafting Odyssey, where the landscapes of creativity and art merge to make a path unlike any other.

Starting Your Crafting Journey

Discovering the world of crafting in Final Fantasy XIV is as easy as walking into the empty room of the chosen guilds and speaking with the staff member. But before you can start this thrilling journey of art, you must first pass the Level 10 Job Quest for any Scholar of War or Magic class. Once mastered, the doors run wide out to a world of artistic opportunity, asking for you to go down the creative roads of craftsmanship.

All crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV fall under the esteemed banner of the Disciple of the Hand. Upon initiation, each aspiring artisan is equipped with the primary hand tool, granting the freedom to seamlessly transition between crafting jobs at will.

Unlocking Additional Crafting Features

Yet, the journey doesn't end with mere initiation. Mastery of the craft demands the acquisition of specialized skills, some of which are unlocked through completing designated quests:

  • Materia Melding: Enhancing gear with material unlocks through the quest « Waking the Spirit, » available at level 19 in any Disciple of the Hand class.
  • Desynthesis: Delving into the art of disassembling gear to obtain valuable materials unveils through the quest « Gone to Pieces, » accessible upon reaching level 30 in any Disciple of the Hand class.

Understanding the Crafting Mechanism

The Crafting Log

As your proficiency in each crafting job flourishes, so too does the breadth of your crafting log. Each entry delineates the required materials and offers insights or prerequisites before embarking on synthesis. For instance, higher-level items may necessitate a certain level of « Control » to commence crafting. The crafting log unfolds progressively, with new entries appearing at intervals of every five levels, starting from level 3. Consequently, levels ending in 3 or 8 herald the advent of a new page of crafting possibilities.

However, there's a caveat. While the crafting log unfurls, your crafting capabilities are tethered to your current level, limiting you to crafting items within a range of 5 levels higher than your own. Thus, while tantalizing new crafting prospects beckon, some may remain beyond reach until your crafting prowess ascends to meet the challenge.

In the labyrinthine world of Final Fantasy XIV crafting, every stitch and each synthesis unravels a tapestry of mastery and discovery. Prepare to embark on a journey where innovation and creation intertwine, forging destinies anew with every crafted creation.


In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIV crafting is a realm teeming with boundless opportunities for mastery and prosperity. Embrace the journey, and let your creativity reshape Eorzea's destiny.

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